Heat recovery units RPE Series

9 Sizes

Air flow rate 400/6.000 m3/h

Horizontal or vertical layout

Panels with polyurethane or mineral wool insulation (thermal cut profile)

Heat recovery units RPE Series


Our range of heat recovery units includes model for indoor or outdoor installation in both residential and commercial environments.

The 9 sizes that make up the range, with air flow rates included between 400 and 6,000 m3/h, comply with the requirements of the Ecodesign technical regulation nr. 1253/2014/EU.  

The heart of the machine is an aluminum plate type, "counterflow" heat exchanger whose performances are Eurovent certified. Counterflow operation keeps uniform the temperature between the supply and return flow, thus maximizing exchange efficiency, which exceeds 90%.

The by-pass function of the heat exchanger allows to operate under free-cooling and free-heating, when the ambient conditions allow.

Product advantages

High efficiency counter-flow heat exchanger (90%)

High level of customization thanks to the wide choice of options and configurations

Integrated electrical panel with on-site pre-configured control display for plug-in installation

Jonix air sanitization system (optional)

Documentation available

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