Fan coil TV/TH Series

9 Sizes

Air flow rate 1.500/28.000 m3/h

High level of customization

Panels with polyurethane or mineral wool insulation (thermal cut profile)

Fan coil TV/TH Series


Our fan coil units are made with sections able to meet the functions of filtration and air quality, heating and cooling.

Available for both indoor and outdoor installation, they consist of an aluminum frame with sandwich infill panels 30 mm thick. 

Standard supply includes:

  • 48mm thick corrugated synthetic filter Eff. G4 easily removable 
  • Dual-use battery (2/4/6 ranks) for heating and/or cooling applications (to be selected) 
  • EC fan with integrated inverter control

Product advantages

High level of customization thanks to the wide choice of options and configurations

EC fans

Integrated electrical panel

Ambient air quality control Co2/Voc (optional)

Jonix air sanitization system (optional)