Air Handling Units

System Control

Cetra is able to provide customized packaged solutions designed and constructed at the customer’s request.

The integrated adjustment and electrical control panel solution is especially appreciated, because even in the preliminary stage it is possible to propose a "plug-and-play" finished solution that results in sure costs for the customer, as well as actual savings in the purchase of the units. Moreover, it makes possible the advantageous management of the units for the safety and control of their operation, as well as extreme ease with regard to the approach and their use.


To simplify the choices, it is possible to use the standard examples listed in the “TEMPERATURE CONTROL APPLICATIONS” contained in our LIST CATALOGUE. The listed diagrams constitute the load-bearing base for the construction of the features according to the AHU requested and the various application fields.


In the design stage
the customer and design engineer are contacted to understand and agree on the best solution for the temperature control applied to the air handling unit, verify any communication and/or controller external interface systems, the functionality or operating logics, the accessories, the control of any systems and/or users outside the AHU (for example, pumping system controls, alarms of other control systems, display of operating statuses of an associated chiller or condensing unit, etc.).

The proposal is completed with exhaustive descriptions, characteristics of the main components (for example, type / Kvs of the valves with indication of the head losses), diagrams with lists of points controlled by the system’s CPU, operating logics agreed on and, upon request, wiring diagrams.



In the preliminary stage
Unless otherwise expressly requested, the quotation does not contain an operating description (or planning logic). Included are a list of the controlled points, a detailed general description of the electrical control panels, a diagram showing the position of the sensors and all the components “in the field”.

Any start-up at the worksite is always calculated separately and is to be specified at the time of the quotation, as it is an integral part and to ensure delivery.

If there is no preliminary design (or detailed specifications) a “number” can be given for a very approximate quantification of the costs.



The “temperature control package” is provided by Cetra for state-of-the-art assembly and installation, selecting the best position for the components on the machine. In this manner the space is optimized, functionality is improved, the measuring instruments’ legibility is improved, and better access is possible for maintenance without compromising the functioning and/or the panels’ seal with holes or mishandling that could occur in emergency situations when working on a worksite.


From the above it can be easily understood that each air handling unit requires a new proposal; therefore, since the installation of all the temperature control components, including the hydraulic circuits (regarding the mixing valves, humidification systems, recovery circuit piping, etc.), must be taken into account, it is necessary that everything be submitted to the customer for approval: just changing the connection side (perhaps opposite to the inspections) could result in a different position of the components and/or a necessary increase in the dimensions of the unit itself.




Controls for hydronic indoor units

As a result of the synergies of the Cetra company and the Galletti Group, Cetra can offer its customers a wide range of adjustments on all the units it produces. All the adjustment software can be developed according to our customers’ requirements; this level of customization allows us to satisfy all the system requirements.

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